Felichia Bridal

Felichia Bridal

            Your Health is very important to us.  
We will limit number of guests to 2 or less at this point!
Bridal party will be sitting at least 15 feet away from each other 
Appointments will be spaces 1.5 hours apart, whenever possible, to minimize number of people in the store. 
Designated Waiting area in the store for the waiting party.
Please do NOT come to your appointment if you are not feeling well. We will be happy to reschedule for you.
Sanitizers will be available for all customers. 
We will be cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces daily.
We make sure all consultants will be washing hands thoroughly before and after each appointment.
Please pardon us if we are don't shake hands or hug you. 

         Any suggestion you may have to protect public health, please email cs@felichia.com

Choose a service to schedule

Bridal Appointment

Initial Bridal Consultation
Your FIRST Visit to our boutique. You will be trying on styles with the help of your bridal consultant. The appointment is ONE hour.

Please read COVID-19 Appointment Policy at www.felichia.com

Pls ensure all contact info is that of the bride. Bride pls present email confirmation at appointment time. We will NOT accommodate booking under a different person.

If no available openings suit you, pls email cs@felichia.com. Pls ensure receipt of the confirmation email before appointment. We may adjust appointment time 15 minutes earlier / later. Notices will be emailed.

Please come On Time. Please call us if you are running late, we reserve the right to cancel if you are more than 15 minutes late.
Follow-up Bridal Consultation
You need to try on your fav styles from previous visit or start over. Pls use the same email. Please note appointment is strictly 45 minutes.
Try On Your Purchased Dress
Try on your PURCHASED dress for the first time in the store. This normally is NOT your first alteration appointment.!

***** Pls come in within 30 days upon notification of dress arrival. The appointment is 30 minutes ONLY. Pls bring your paperwork. *****
Accessory Consultation

Alteration Appointment

Initial Alteration Appointment
Please book your first meeting with the seamtress no less than 3 months before your wedding. Please bring your wedding shoes.
Directions 601 College Street, Toronto, ON, Canada